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东城Maintenance of leather embossing machine

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Information summary:

1. Regularly check the water filter;

2. If there is dust on the machine, it is used to dry the compressed air and carefully blow the machine clean, but the main power must be turned off;

Fault: Before inspection, be sure to turn off the main power supply, because there are thousands of volts to tens of thousands of volts in the machine.

Phenomenon 1: Common red light (overload light)


A) Lower mold insulation is damaged;

B) Dirt, dust and moisture in the working objects, vibrating cylinders or upper and lower molds need to be cleaned;

C) Poor horizontal position of upper and lower moulds;

D) The upper and lower molds are not insulated, but directly collide with each other;

E) The input power supply is too high;

F) The vacuum pipe is damaged or loose;

G) The electronic board for over-current protection is damaged. The over-current protection board is the one with three main electrical appliances;

H) The coherence device is too large and the output is too high;

1) The working object is too large, exceeding the rated output of the same machine;

J) Failure of temperature control part;

K) High voltage capacitor is damaged;

50) The insulation column (upper formwork) is damaged.

Phenomenon 2: When the high cycle output occurs, the main power supply is disconnected or the fuse is blown


A) Vacuum pipe failure

B) Transformer fault

C) High voltage rectifier board fault

D) The three-phase magnetic switch is damaged

E) High voltage line short barrier

F) Electric hot plate failure

Phenomenon 3: No output


A) Poor contact of switch

B) Line fault

C) Vacuum pipe failure

Phenomenon 4: Poor working objects


A) Poor adjustment;

B) Mold problems

C) There is a problem with the rubber part (working object)

D) The insulation is too thick and too high

Note: When the mold touches the lower mold when it is pressed down, the grounding copper sheet must press the lower fixed plate, and the circular copper sheet can be slightly deformed. If the grounding copper strip is not adjusted properly, the machine will not work stably. When replacing

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